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Jean Brauns - NCIDQ Certified Professional Interior Designer

Meet the Designer

I am so glad you stopped by.  I have a love for all things design.  You may often see me looking up in a  restaurant  to see the lighting, or sneaking into bathrooms just to see the tile choices.  I enjoy old architecture, new architecture, interesting logo designs, textile prints, beautiful landscaping, and fancy cake designs.  I graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Interior Design.  I started my career in the commercial corporate design field and made the transition to residential design in 2018 after my husband and I welcomed our first daughter into our family.  I have over 8 years of experience working as an NCIDQ Certified Professional Interior Designer. 


I love transforming spaces with simplicity, textures, and patterns, clean lines, and a little pizzazz here and there.  In my own home you can find whites, grays, golds, symmetry, and pops of wild colors.  I enjoy exploring all design styles and working with my clients to create a space that will bring years of joy and function.


Outside of design, I love fitness, skiing, hiking, riding the Peloton, grocery shopping, baking sweet treats, and eating ice cream.  I would love to meet you and be a part of your next project. 

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